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We make sound financial planning a possibility for everyone

Financial planning is too complex. When it comes to planning the future, most people know what they want- a healthy, happy family; a child in a good school; a comfortable home; and a happy, fulfilling retirement. What they don’t know- is what it takes to get there. How much does it cost to build and sustain the life they desire? How much is enough to protect and secure that future?

The solution is Financial Planning, a process designed to help people answer those tough questions. But traditional financial planning can be complex, unreliable, or only for the rich- leaving many without sound financial advice or a plan for the future.

We make it simple. We started BetterTradeOff on the belief that by leveraging technology we could simplify financial planning- making it possible for anyone, regardless of net worth or financial acumen, to make better financial decisions. And that’s what we did. Our online solution uses advanced analytics and an easy to use interface, to dramatically simplify the task of building a sound and comprehensive financial plan. So people can see for themselves what they really need, make better financial decisions, and build brighter financial futures.

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For consumers, advisers and financial institutions

Our solution is available as a do-it-yourself and collaborative online planning platform across three distinctive customer segments- helping bring sound financial planning to more people through more channels.

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For good

Our do-it-yourself online solution is free and easy to use- making it possible for anyone, regardless of net worth or financial acumen, to build their own financial plan. Helping people align with UN Social Development Goals through financial inclusion and empowerment.

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