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Retirement Planning

Investment simulations, risk assessment, ROI, product comparisons, local pension rules and calculations.


Investment simulations, risk assessment, ROI, and product comparison.


Hazard simulations, protection gap, product comparison, recommended actions.

Real Estate

Buy or sell simulations, product comparisons, local rules and regulations.

Education Planning

Education fund simulations, school cost comparisons, recommended actions.


Relocation simulations, international cost of living comparisons.


One-off and recurring travel expenses, travel dream simulations.


Detailed living expenses breakdown, custom and pre-filled, adjusted for local inflation rates.


Buy or sell simulations, financing and insurance product comparisons.

    Enjoy the power of a managed regulation engine

    Including hundreds of rules, from tax to social security, as well as an advanced statistical model.

    Tax Regulations

    Social Security and Pensions

    Health Care


    Real Estate

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