Tailored financial planning solutions

Financial planning your way

A tailored financial solution KV

Improved customer engagement and richer customer data

More personalised advice and product offerings

API model enables easy integration of new journeys over time

Hosted by you or BTO

Hybrid Solution KV

A hybrid platform for better adviser-client engagement

Compliant advice at scale

Product Fullfilment KV

Direct digital product fulfilment

Reduce product distribution costs

Holistic approach that breaks down product silos

DIY Consumer Version

  • Give your customers an easy to use, yet comprehensive, do-it-yourself financial planning tool

  • Create a new product offering that can stand alone or integrate into your existing architecture

  • Easily configurable to a hybrid solution

Adviser Version

  • Give your financial advisors a next-gen financial planning tool

  • Quicker to develop a comprehensive financial plan than existing tools

  • Minimal training for financial advisors- cheaper to scale in your organization

  • Digital plan can be shared with client, allowing interactivity

Hybrid Solution

  • A single platform for customers and advisers to collaborative

  • Clients can begin their own financial plans while allowing advisors to work with them interactively

  • Advisers can see client changes and follow-up with timely advice and anticipate client needs

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