The Digitalising Financial Advice Report

Offering online financial planning led to a 20% increase in sales

Digital advice is the missing link in the effective sale of financial products online. Financial intuitions are struggling to replicate their offline sales and advisory model online. Existing digital solutions are either too simple to be credible, or too complex to scale. Learning gained from various projects with banks and insurers found that a hybrid advice model – where consumers and advisers can plan together, or independently, on the same platform – was most effective in meeting consumer needs and driving sales. This model unlocks four key drivers:

An improved client experience

Consumer users like the interactive nature of the solution; as well as the ability to build a comprehensive financial plan on their own, or in collaboration with an adviser.

Better client engagement

The highly visual and interactive nature of the solution helps drive deeper consumer engagement in the planning process. And the ability for consumers to see and better understand adviser recommendations helps build trust through transparency.

Improved adviser delivery

With key local rules and regulations built in, and complex calculations managed automatically- the solution helps advisers deliver more reliable advice.

Exceptional sales conversion

Across projects, up to 63% of consumers said they were interested in consulting an adviser after using the solution. And up to 59% said they’d be interested in buying a product. In projects where products were integrated, we saw as much as a 20% increase in sales.

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